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The Concept Behind

To deliver audio-visual feedback of a person's emotional indices in neuro-gaming, apps, educational applications, guided meditation, and all forms of recreational biofeedback experiances.


1 year publisher access to market place

Lifetime access to senseplay apps


1 year publisher access to market place

Lifetime access to senseplay apps

Customizable Band


Customizable Band

White lable options with custom form factor.

Publisher branding rights

Senseplay Version 0.9 + Elastic Polymer band + charging cable


Where can senseplay be applied in education?

Senseplay is designed for teaching children about various mind-body practices by using the Senseplay hardware kit and neurogaming platform software solution as an educational tool. Kids can learn to build next generation of games and experiences to train for mindfulness, focus and attention thereby improving interpersonal skills.

How senseplay can train children's mind-body practices?

Games incorporate information about autonomic nervous systems and brain functions (e.g., ability to regulate emotions) while teaching kids how to calm themselves down or promote a sense of alertness: examples include Breathing Games wherein children get points for correctly timing their inhalations and exhalations.

How senseplay can be used for group biofeedback?

A group can use Senseplay for sharing physical space or holding an online meeting. A sense play zoom meeting can become more interactive and alive with input in the form of biofeedback data. Sensory play makes the immersive sensory experience in physical spaces even more interactive. The group meditation facilitators can use senseplay to enable synchronization between biofeedback data from audience to generate music or art.

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